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Citizens Bank needed to understand the growing affluent's tendencies when it comes to banking beyond everyday transactions.

I coordinated, filmed, and edited a series of 1:1 interviews learning about the financial habits of the growing affluent.

We found that customers were thoroughly researching finance topics before going to their bank. The 'why' turned into two different buckets:

  • They want to make the most of their time, so doing research first allows them to get to the needed answers faster. 
  • Most often it's about TRUST
    • "Don't want to feel stupid"
    • "Don't want to be sold to"
    • "Don't want to be taken advantage of"
    • "I'm a mark if I don't know anything"

Citizens Bank must give people opportunities to educate themselves prior to going into the branch to talk to a financial advisor.

AE & Strategist's Project Assistant - Danielle Kermode
Group Planning Director - Laura Forman